While we may pay close attention to our HVAC system inside, do we give our outdoor unit or other components serious consideration? One of the most crucial components of your air conditioning system is the ac coil. Ac coil cleaning on your air conditioner is essential to ensuring that the entire system keeps blowing cool, healthy air into your home for a very long time. When the HVAC coils are clean, your home’s air conditioning system and AC Compressor perform more effectively, efficiently, and dependably.

What Are Condenser Coils?

Consider the function of the ac coil in your HVAC system to understand the importance of ac coil cleaning. Many types of ac exterior units contain a condenser coil that helps release heat from the house into the atmosphere.

The refrigerant enters the condenser coils after being heated and pressurized by the compressor in the outside unit. The air around the coils and the atmosphere receive heat from the gas refrigerant in this area. The refrigerant cools and transforms into a liquid as it loses heat.

ac coil cleaning

Kind Of Ac Coils

Evaporator and condenser coils are the two main coils in your air conditioning system. Evaporator coils will remove the heat and humidity in your home, and condenser coils will release the heat. When your air conditioning system first turns on, the condenser unit outside your home utilizes a compressor to change coolant from a gas into a very cold liquid. The air handler then disperses the cooler air around your home once the cold liquid has been carried through coils to the evaporator unit.

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Once the coolant has passed through the evaporator, it starts the trek back to the condenser. The coolant draws warm air into the device as it travels, changing from a liquid to a gas along the way. The condenser’s fan subsequently expelled the warm air from the unit.

How Ac Coil Accumulates Dirt

You might be wondering how coils become dirty in the first place and how much dirt is required to affect your AC unit’s function. First, 1/100th of an inch of dirt or dust on the ac coil might negatively affect your system. The performance of your AC unit can decrease by 5% due to this minuscule amount of dirt! Efficiency decreases as buildup increases.

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Also, there are numerous ways for your coils to become dirty. Your outdoor unit is exposed to exhaust if it’s next to a street, which might accumulate on the coils. On your condenser coil, dirt, vegetation, and other natural debris can accumulate and lead to problems. Dust and pet hair can accumulate on the interior evaporator coil, especially if your air filter is unclean (or if you don’t have one).

Advantages of Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils

The machine’s performance is impacted when ac coil gathers dirt and dust. These are some benefits all year cooling duct cleaning:

Financial Savings

Your home should remain cool and cozy thanks to a high-performance air conditioner. Only if the condenser coils operate at peak efficiency is this possible. It is more difficult for the coil to function correctly when it is covered in dirt or debris. Your home’s cooling system must operate longer than necessary, which raises your electricity costs. Ac coils should be cleaned since they cannot release heat effectively when dirty.

Extended Lifetime

HVAC products typically last between 10 and 15 years, but wear and tear may increase if the system is inefficient, AC duct cleaning Dubai. Dirty condenser coils make your unit work harder, which stresses internal parts. Your HVAC system’s lifespan is limited due to the refrigerant system’s wear and tear.

Prevent Breakdowns at Any Costs

The last thing you need is an air conditioner that breaks down in the middle of summer. This could endanger your family’s safety and render your home uninhabitable. Regular condenser coil cleaning lowers the likelihood of such failures and safeguards your family’s safety.

Makes Dehumidification Better

A clogged evaporator coil can increase compressor airflow, which impairs the dehumidification process and reduces heat transmission. Maintaining a clean A/C coil with ac cleaner will not only improve the air quality in your building but will also aid in preventing the growth of mold and germs.

A Better Indoor Environment

The ideal environment for forming biological pollutants, including fungi, mold, and bacteria, can be found in dirty cooling coils. Such pollutants might eventually enter buildings. Ac coil cleaning gets rid of these problems and keeps your family safe.

How Often Should AC Coil Cleaning Be Done?

As logic would suggest, AC coils should be cleaned when they are unclean. However, how quickly they become dirty is influenced by several factors, including how frequently you use your air conditioner, how frequently you change your filter, whether you have a filter, how much dust or debris is in the air both inside and outside your home, and how many people live there.

As a general guideline, we’d recommend that you, at the very least, have an HVAC expert check up on your system once a year before summer, when your air conditioner will be utilized most frequently. They can change air conditioner filters, clean ac coil cleaning correctly, and test how AC works to guarantee everything works properly when needed.

What Occurs If AC Coils Aren’t Cleaned?

Perhaps not often enough do you truly look at your air conditioner? Nevertheless, if it’s in a visible location, look at the coil, which resembles a long tube wound into a coil covered in metal fins. It must be a bad sight if you haven’t had the unit cleaned in a while. Especially because this device impacts the air, you breathe throughout the day. There are additional effects of filthy coils besides the fact that your air conditioner can’t cool your area as efficiently when it’s dirty:

Increased Energy Costs

Your system has to work more and operate longer to keep your area cool when the coils are dirty. That implies that it consumes a lot more electricity. When you do ac coil cleaning regularly, you’ll notice a decrease in your bill.

Further breaks

The system is under additional stress by running longer and working harder, accelerating component wear and ultimately leading to system failure.

Reduced System Lifespan

The system’s anticipated lifespan is shortened over time by the system’s increased wear. It will need to be replaced sooner than you anticipate.


If you want your HVAC system to perform at its peak, pay attention to the condition of the condenser coils. You may reduce the cost of cooling your home, lengthen the life of your HVAC system, and keep your family healthy by ac coil cleaning.