Motor Rewinding

How we works

Rewinding involves completely removing all of the windings from a motor. These wires have been inserted into the motor’s head or core. Equipment motors, like other mechanical components, can deteriorate over time. The engine in your equipment may start to perform less effectively, which is often a sign that the degradation process has begun. There are two primary solutions available to you if your motor breaks down or deteriorates to the point of imminent failure:

  • Substituting a motor
  • Winding up a motor

After completing a comprehensive motor diagnostic, you should seek advice from a professional before making a choice. Dream Cool offers a wide range of motor rewinding services to business and industrial clients in Dubai. Either the work is modest or significant. We specialize in winding single-, dual-, or tri-phase motors.

TA little about motor rewinding

Rewinding is the process of removing every winding from a motor. These wires are inserted within the motor’s stator or armature and are used to create a magnetic field that drives the rotors and powers the engine. They are a vital component of a motor; any harm or interruption can affect the overall effectiveness of the motor. Remember one thing: These motors are complex devices. In particular, if the engines must operate at a very objective standard, this rewinding operation must be done to an exact degree of quality to provide optimal outcomes

Why is there a need for motor rewinding?

The standard working requirements now include motors as a crucial component. They require less maintenance and have a longer useful life. Nevertheless, despite its many benefits, the engine has certain drawbacks.


The majority of electrical appliances have some difficulty starting. It occurs as a result of an overcurrent issue that limits capacity. One needs to install some equipment to do it.

Reduce resistance

Low insulating resistance is one of the primary causes of motor failure. The situation is the most difficult to enter. When the opposition begins to deteriorate progressively, this occurs. 

Overheating issue

The motor’s performance suffers when there is too much heat. Insulation on the motor windings deteriorates as a result of overheating. Every 10 degrees of temperature increase causes the wind to deteriorate. 

Dirt presence

The primary cause of damage to electric motors is dirt. It can stop the cooling fan from operating when it builds up, raising the temperature. Additionally, it influences the overall value of insulation.

Why choose us?

Despite its appearance of simplicity, rewinding an electric motor safely and effectively calls for a professional. It is simple to make mistakes with any motor system, and those without extensive training in electric motor systems risk badly injuring themselves or the machine. Many people believe electric motors to be small machinery, yet nothing could be farther from reality. Because these motors are so expensive, utilizing a third-party electric motor rewinding professional lets you avoid being held responsible for any damage that happens. Additionally, compared to attempting to handle everything you, engaging a professional to perform the electric motor rewinds would lead to speedier repairs and fewer delays. You may contact Dream Cool for this since we are motor rewinding experts.


Motor winding is the process of producing operating flux. If you find any of your devices not functioning, always call an expert to check it. Most of the time, people ask to change the wiring if needed. We suggest you go with their suggestion because it gives new life to the device’s satisfaction. We are always prepared to assist the people of Dubai since we are experts in motor rewinding.

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