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Reasons Related to Hampering of Motors

The importance of the electric motor makes it differentiated from the mechanical one. It has the capability to operate in four quadrants. This simply means that it can easily work in both forward and backward direction for effectual working. Also, the speed can be changed as per the operations with the help of gears.

The motors have become an important part of the daily working requirements. Their working life is longer and requires less maintenance. But, still, with lots of advantages, the motor also faces some problems. Generally, it is estimated that 90% of the problems faced at the time of startup.


Most of the electrical devices face some problem while starting. This happens due to over current problem that hampers the capacity. For this, some equipment has to be installed for preventing any kind of trouble.

Lower resistance

One of the main reasons behind the motor failure is due to low insulation resistance. The condition is regarded as the most difficult situation to embark upon. This happens when the resistance gradually starts decaying. It has become very important to monitor the performance at regular intervals.

Overheating problem

When there is excessive heat, it hampers the performance of the motor. The overheating results in deterioration of motor winding insulation. With each ten centigrade rise, the winding started weakens.  There are a number of factors that result in overheating. Number one reason is its design. The second reason is the surrounding temperature that can increase the motor’s temperature.

The presence of dirt

The main source of electric motor damage is dirt. When get accumulated, it can cease the cooling fan that results in an increase in the temperature. Moreover, it also affects the general insulating value.


The presence of moisture can cause the performance to slow down. Along with this, the moisture can contribute to the formation of corrosion on motor shafts, rotors and bearings.

Occurrence of vibration

There are lots of causes, which results in generation of vibration. The reasons can include misalignment of the motor. If corrosion is present on the parts, this can also leads the motor to vibrate.

The Motor Winding is the process of producing the working flux. Additionally, it also helps in distributing the load on motor. The winding when done properly show the ability to carry the load current very effectively and reduces the loss.

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