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The Best AC Service Dubai Company

Get you AC maintained by us in this hot time in Dubai because we all appreciate our cool, comfortable spaces away from the unforgiving heat. We maintain your Ac standardly which will provide better air quality and offers greater energy efficiency. Dream Cool Air Condition systems LLC, AC service in Dubai is a must for you if you don’t want to compromise the quality of your AC performance. Having an AC repair service professional  come out and do some standard maintenance at the starting of the season can spare you from that hottest day of the year. The solution to extend the life of your AC is to have standard maintenance check-ups. Different frameworks have different capabilities as far as humidity of Dubai is concerned. These experts are well-trained in guaranteeing that your framework contributes to a comfortable home and are equipped to fix AC complications.

Our Service, Your Comfort

Our AC service Dubai proficient technicians have years of practical and in-field experience with hundreds of happy clients. We value your trust and offer exceptional customer service. No-Risk – Satisfaction Guarantee. Dream Cool AC service UAE technicians are equipped with high quality gear and in-depth information required to make your AC in Dubai work efficiently.

AC Installation Dubai

AC Installation

Once you hire our AC service Dubai experts for any Ac repairs or installation, you’re entitled to expect more than just basic repairs or installation services that are being offered  by many other companies. When your AC framework is beyond repair and replacement is crucial, turn to Dream Cool AC services Dubai for solid services of AC installation services

AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance

With regular Air conditioning maintenance, your Air conditioning unit operates efficiently and safely for a number of years to come and Dream Cool’ AC service in Dubai professionals can do air conditioners’ maintenance of your system and get you back to comfort in the very first visit. We strive to maximize your equipment value

Ac Repair

Ac Repair

Allowing the experts of Dream Cool AC service providers to assist your system saves you time, cash, and the awkward situation of a broken air conditioning unit. In case your air conditioner isn’t working, you not got to be anxious because our AC service, repair, maintenance and installation experts are always prepared to assist and solve the problem

Our Work

Here at Dream Cool AC’s, our AC Service professionals can update your AC system to progress its performance, maximize its vitality proficiency and give you a much better and a stronger temperature control. It appears like a small thing, but a standard check-in with our AC service Dubai professional can save you a part of money. Our Ac service Dubai professional will be able to check humidity levels inside your home and assist you make choices for your system based on the results. Our ac service specialist may be able to repair the damage done or they may just got to supplant it altogether. They will have the knowledge and training to know which the more fitting response is. Our Ac service specialist will also likely check the condensation deplete for build-up. This may cause major issues but is a simple fix in most cases.


Our Principles

Dream Cool Air Condition Systems LLC follows industry best practices and has been a long term AC specialist contractor for numerous commercial projects. Our skilled engineers work towards each project and develop custom made AC solutions to address the specific requirements of the clients. Our team of professionals provides high level services and solutions to our customers. We check for the faults and let our customers know whether they need a repair or service would do the work.

Our Ac service offer best price Guarantee. We’re quick, expert in what we do and we do have custom solution. Our Ac service has been a fast, reliable and most effective service. From adjusting and repairing to maintenance & support, our Ac service experts do it all for you. Get in touch with our professionals of ac service Dubai today, we will get back to you as soon as possible!




Dream Cool has been a long term AC specialist contractor for numerous commercial projects. Air conditioners are made up of a lot of parts. Issues in a single part could bring your AC down. To pick out the fault correctly and to solve it with appropriate aspects is the reason we are the best AC repair service in Dubai. We have the best AC maintenance service in Dubai. Our team of professionals provides high level services and solutions to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and our recognized customer service record is second to none. Our expertly-trained staff always go the extra mile to get the job done right and won’t stop until you are 100% satisfied. Our experienced, certified professionals can repair and service any brand of the air conditioner. Staying cool all summer is important to you. DreamcoolACS is the best company for AC repair Dubai & AC maintenance in Dubai.

Advance Technology

Our company is one of the best and top-ranking Air Conditioning repair and maintenance companies in Dubai. Our company is very highly skilled for the AC maintenance, services, repairs, and installation experience that make sure the delivery of excellent quality services, installation of all kinds of AC Ducts in Advance Chillers and Split Air Conditioning Units, Refilling of Air Conditioning Gas and offer vast cooling maintenance services to our valued clients in Dubai.


AC Service Dubai offers high-quality cooling and heating services. Our Fast response and emergency service and the most superior commercial service make AC SERVICE DUBAI your first choice in air conditioning repairing, maintenance, and installation, services. Our professionals have years of relevant AC Repair experience and training and always provide the best and most superior work. Our qualified and trained staff offer our clients the knowledge and experience to service any brand of an air conditioner.

High Performance

Dream Cool has served a broad range of clients and established a solid reputation with its dedicated principles, creative Air conditioning, skilled engineers and effective project management. As a team we believe that the key ingredient to our successful business practice is rooted in our client satisfaction, services and meeting their milestone. Even in ac duct fabrication we are on the top of fabricating and designing department. Call us any time for assistance.

Cost Effectiveness

At Dream Cool, our customers are like family. Our goal is to keep you satisfied and happy over the long term. Our competitive and dynamic air conditioning service packages will give you optimal results while keeping your checkbook happy. We treat your money like it’s our own. And our skilled technicians will deliver fast, friendly, and reliable AC repairs Dubai & AC maintenance Dubai service that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Years Of Experience
Jobs Done
Happy Clients

DreamCoolAcs can fix occurrence of Cooling Problems

Air conditioners were made to save us from the fierce heat that could melt us down. The prime function of AC is to keep us cool but if it is not performing its designated task, there is something fishy. Our experts are like detectives, they dig deep down to the root of the problem. There might be leakages in valves and coils causing the refrigerant to fly away. Our experts solve the issue and repair the broken parts. We also check the refrigerant quantity present and give it a refill if required.

Why DreamCoolAcs, the best AC repair Service in Dubai?

If you don’t want to face trouble and want to remain calm in these hot summers, hire us for the AC maintenance and repair services in Dubai. We are known for the best AC service in Dubai. Our professionals have brilliant skill sets and wide experience. Our workers do technical courses and gain advanced knowledge to get complete control over the air conditioners. Customers are valuable to us. We give our 100% to satisfy them. We never get any complaints after getting our jobs done.

DreamCoolAcs can quickly resolve issues in Fans AC Services in Dubai

Fans have one of the most prime duties in air conditioning working. They extract the air from the room, remove it heat and throw it outside the room from the outer unit. It blows in the cooled air that saves us from thawing. If fans are damaged or not working properly, they will definitely not let your AC perform well. There might be problems in airflow, lubrication or the motor. Our experts inspect it thoroughly and check it for the fault.To pick out the fault correctly and to solve it with appropriate aspects is the reason we are the best AC repair service in Dubai. 

Filters checking by DreamCoolAcs, AC Services in Dubai

Filters keep the dust and dirt out of your room. Imagine getting a cool air but with dust in it? If filters are dirty, they get clogged which ceases the flow of air. Filters can be serviced or replaced depending upon their condition. Sometimes the filters create the main problems and people are not able to get it. Therefore it is necessary to hire professionals otherwise a little problem could cause you a huge amount. We provide top notch AC services in Dubai. Full AC service is also available where we disassemble the whole AC and service it.

Hot Summer? Quick AC repairing service in Dubai

Summers come with torture to our souls. The blazing rays from the sun are ready to burn our skin. The heat of the sun is getting fierce day by day. The hot winds blowing around us will definitely extract the life out of us. Everything is burning, weather they are in direct contact or indirect with the sun. People who go out to work in the sun or relax on couches at their home, nobody is safe. The heat traps inside and prepares the hell for us. Thanks to technology and science, we got rid of this problem. The invention of air conditioners came as a divine blessing from heaven. We provide quick AC repairing service in Dubai, DreamCoolAcs can fix your AC problem quickly.

DreamCoolAcs can fix the Hitches in Electrical Components

Air conditioners are electrical driven. There are many small components installed in an AC to perform different tasks. The wiring inside the AC is very much sensitive. It can get ruined by the moisture that may be produced due to temperature difference. There might be issues in the capacitor that plays a vital role in giving the initial jerk to the motor. Our experts are highly qualified with the standards of AC. Electricity and water are dangerous companions. We make sure that the work is done carefully so it won’t create any danger for our valuable customers.

Our Vision

Since 2003, Dream Cool Air Condition Systems (L.L.C) has been leading-edge in Air conditioning Repair Dubai and Air conditioning Maintenance Dubai for emergency, residential, and commercial clients. Our complete array of Air conditioning repair services includes Air conditioning Repair in Dubai, Air conditioning duct fabrication, Air conditioning installation & Air conditioning Maintenance Dubai.We are the best Air conditioning maintenance, repair & Service providers in Dubai. We have legally authorized dealers of O General Air Conditioners in Dubai and provides the service and maintenance for O General Air conditioning. Our professional team is able to diagnose all types of Air conditioning faults and are qualified to provide professional service. We are well known in Dubai for our professional, fast, efficient and well equipped Air conditioning repair maintenance and services in Dubai.We are one of the best and biggest cooling and heating solutions provider in Dubai for all your residential Air conditioning repair and maintenance services. We always keep on Investing in our technicians’ training, new equipment, and customer service to be as modern and up to date as the trends change.We understand how frustrating it is when you want cool air the most and your home or office central Air conditioning system goes out of order. Dream Cool Air conditioning Systems LLC, a licensed and experienced HVAC repairing & maintenance company is always ready to restore your systems and comfort in the shortest possible time

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