Split Air Conditioning System

Split Air Conditioning System In Dubai

Being one of the hottest climatic regions in the world, Dubai witnesses increasing demand of split air condition. The technology revolution in Dubai has replaced traditional windows AC with highly efficient split air conditioners, which are now seen in almost every residential and commercial building in Dubai.
Dream Cools AC Systems LLC, being a reliable and customer oriented AC service specialist, recommends its customers the Split Air Conditioning System.

Why We Recommend Split Air Conditioners in Dubai?

Split AC Systems provide high performance without disturbance

Unlike Windows ACs in Dubai, Split AC systems are more efficient and quieter, having great suitability both for adults and babies. Split AC systems, being developed with the latest technology, cool the room in least time, unlike traditional ACs that usually take hours for desired cooling.

Fusing Aesthetic Element to Your AC equipment

A big percentage of our customers seeking for AC maintenance services in Dubai, also prefer aesthetic element in their AC units. Split AC system meets this requirement successfully in terms of their sleek, stylish and modern design as well as having a separate Outdoor Unit.

Get Higher Efficiency with Split AC in Dubai

Split AC’s ODU is placed outside the building, enabling AC to capture clean and fresh air all the time. Split ACs are highly suitable for large spaces and consume lesser electricity than traditional window ACs. This makes Split ACs in Dubai, an economical as well as eco-friendly choice, making UAE a greener place to live.

Dream Cool Provide Split AC Installation in Dubai

We supply high quality Split AC systems from the world’s leading brands, along with their installation for our customers in Dubai seeking to have AC equipment characterized by high performance, low pressure drop, high efficiency and affordable prices.

To book your split AC or  its installation , call us at +971566675366 or Email info@dreamcoolacs.com