It can be annoying, and you might wonder why does my air conditioner turn off by itself, seemingly for no reason, particularly during the hottest summer months in the UAE. Your air conditioner may malfunction internally if you observe that it is operating incongruously. The good news is that it’s probably nothing serious, and a service call from a trustworthy professional should quickly put everything back in working order.

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Remember that ignoring this issue will cost you a lot of money because the AC uses a lot of electricity when turned on. Along with higher energy costs, it will shorten the lifespan of your air conditioner, forcing you to spend much more money on repairs. Avoid the error of ignoring this problem because doing so could cause bigger issues and necessitate replacing your air conditioning system.

What Is Short Cycling In Air Conditioners?

The main reason why does my air conditioner turn off by itself is known as short cycling. Short cycling in air conditioning is when an air conditioner repeatedly turns on and off within a short period, such as a few minutes. This can occur because the thermostat triggers the AC when the temperature rises above its set point, and then the AC is turned off once the set temperature is reached. This process is repeated in a loop, leading to frequent turn-on-turn-off cycles known as short cycling.

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In some cases, short cycling in an air conditioner can occur because of faulty sensors or other malfunctions in the control system. In other cases, it can be caused by improper settings on the thermostat, which can cause the AC to turn on and off frequently due to small changes in room temperature.

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The problem with short cycling is that it can cause excessive wear and tear on the air conditioner, leading to premature breakdown. Additionally, it can result in temperature fluctuations in the room, which can affect the comfort of the occupants. Furthermore, short cycling can cause energy waste and increase utility bills since the AC constantly turns on and off.

Reasons Why Your Ac Keeps Turning Off By Itself

An Issue With The Thermostat

The thermostat is the second item you should check to ensure it is operating correctly. Your air conditioning system might start and stop frequently if the thermostat has a problem because it won’t correctly read the temperature. The thermostat’s depleted batteries might be to blame. If the thermostat screen is fading, there may be a battery issue, so you should change the thermostat’s batteries immediately. When the issue still doesn’t go away, a qualified expert should be called in to identify and address the issue.

Obstructed Air Filter

Filter blockage is one of the most frequent causes of ineffective air conditioning systems. It’s time to examine the filters in your air conditioning system and replace them if necessary if you have never cleaned or changed them. In addition to reducing the efficiency of your air conditioner, dirty air screens are unhealthy for you. These clogged filters could also cause the air conditioner’s brief cycling cycle.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Turn Off By Itself

Incorrect Aircon Capacity

People occasionally choose a capacity significantly greater than what is necessary for a specific room. It occasionally happens because customers receive a reduction on an air conditioner with a larger capacity, among other factors. If you recently put in a new air conditioning system and are now experiencing this issue, it may be because the AC is larger or more powerful than is necessary. The refrigerant cycle won’t be able to complete properly if the system is too large for the available area.

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It will cool the house too rapidly before shutting off. The temperature will then increase, necessitating an immediate restart of the AC. Having too much capacity might seem like a good plan, but this could cause issues. Your energy costs will be much greater than they should be, and you’ll also have to pay much more for repairs. Short spinning will also shorten the lifespan of your air conditioner. Call a specialist to get a second opinion on the air-conditioning system’s scale if you believe this is the issue.

Thermostat Placement Is Incorrect

The thermostat’s improper installation may also be the cause of why does my air conditioner turn off by itself. The thermostat might read the incorrect temperature if it is close to a window or has direct sunlight. The thermostat may be reading temperatures incorrectly if positioned close to a warm room, such as your restroom or kitchen. The temperature readings will be off if it is positioned immediately beneath the air vents and is exposed to direct airflow, which will cause problems. If adjusting the thermostat doesn’t resolve your air conditioner issue, contact a qualified expert to identify and resolve the issue.

Leak of Refrigerant

A refrigerant gas leak from the air conditioner system may also be the cause. One of the most widespread misunderstandings about refrigerant gas is that an air conditioner depletes it and requires regular topping off. The refrigerant gas is actually contained in a closed-loop system, so if there are no leaks, its amount will never decrease. However, refrigerant leaks happen when the refrigerant gas-carrying pipelines corrode and begin to develop tiny leaks.

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Performance problems result from the refrigerant gas leaking repeatedly. Low refrigerant gas levels cause the compressor in the air conditioner to malfunction and cut off because of low pressure. When the compressor is turned off, the refrigerant gas pressure begins to rise. The compressor then turns back on, and the pattern repeats. In essence, it will lead to short cycling, and you are already conscious of the issues it can cause.

Compressor Issue

The compressor is the motor that powers your air conditioner’s cooling system. These blowers are expertly sealed to obstruct foreign objects and avoid overheating. This sealer can degrade over time, allowing debris to enter and exposing the active components of the compressor, which in turn can lead to overheating. Your device will turn off automatically as a safety measure if it detects that the compressor is overheating.

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Suppose you observe that your utility bill is unusually high. In that case, that may indicate a problem with the compressor. Which makes your air conditioner work harder than usual. In any event, a qualified technician can quickly fix this.


In conclusion, there may be a variety of causes for why does my air conditioner turn off by itself. Ignoring the issue is one of the worst errors you could make. You might have to replace the entire air conditioner if you don’t get it repaired immediately by a qualified AC technician.

It’s critical to choose a professional with extensive experience in repairing a particular brand of air conditioner. You have in your house when selecting a technician to fix your air conditioner. Not all technicians have experience working with all brands. They may also lack the tools or replacement components needed to solve the issue. Consequently, check to see if the technician you intend to employ to fix the issue has experience working with the brand of AC you own.