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Small Appliances that are used in homes like coffee maker, toaster, box iron, etc. produce heat & cause an increment in temperature which is not comfortable for humans. AC services in Dubai are responsible for making the environment best for human life by removing that heat. Air-condition system is used to remove heat & moisture from inside where it is installed & to enhance the comfort by removing the unnecessary heat & moisture. Air-condition is also is a source of removing dust & other impurities from the air & through it outside.

Dubai is a region where Air-condition systems are necessary & used in all seasons, Day & night, 24/7 because of Dubai’s hot atmosphere. Every building in Dubai whatever it’s an office, School, commercial state, industry or residential apartment, Air condition system must be installed in it. If the service & maintenance of an air condition system is neglected it will cause costly because of damage to parts & breakdown of the whole Air condition system.

The main purpose of an air condition system is to provide cooling & decrease the room temperature where the temperature is high, according to your desire. Air-condition is a combination of various components that are electrical & mechanical. Like all other electrical & mechanical components, the Air condition system also needs service & maintenance to perform constantly well without any breakdown.

Air-condition systems require service & maintenance after a specific time. This service is very essential for its long life performance with its complete power. There could be many reasons for the Air condition’s breakdown due to neglecting the service & maintenance of the Air condition system.

In this article, we have to discuss some major causes of breakdown & low performance of an air condition system.

1. Frozen Evaporator coils

It is one of the common causes of the low performance of an air condition system. It occurs when the Air condition does not clean or warm air does not circulate them for long. When something goes wrong with the airflow & these coils become very cold, a thick layer of ice develops on its surface which is a cause producing hot air or none coming from your air condition system.

2. Dirty condenser coils

Dirty condenser coils are one of the major problems causing factors for your Air condition system. Condenser coils are the part of the outdoor unit of the AC system which is responsible for getting the heat outside from the room where the indoor unit is placed. Everything which is not cleaned & covered with dust becomes rusty & got damaged. In the same way, if the condenser coils are not cleaned for a long time they may cause decrement in the overall performance of the system or even may cause the failure of the system.

3. Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant of an Air condition system is involved in the procedure of removing heat & humidity from the air in the room. In Air condition system, there are refrigerant lines and the cooling of the Air Condition system is depended on them. If those lines are leaked then you will get enough cooling that’s referred to as low efficiency of the system. Unfortunately replacing the refrigerant is not a permanent solution to this problem. A technician has to check all the lines & fix the leakage which is sometimes a time taking & expensive process especially when there are multiple leakage points.

4. Leaking Ducts

It’s a simple but common cause of the low performance of an air condition system. The ductwork that placed through walls & ceilings carries the cooled air from the Air condition system throughout the building.

But there are holes in the ducts or they are broken which may cause by rodents & some careless workers, the cooled air that’s coming from the poor AC repairing services and in the result, the air condition system has to work harder which cause high costs of electricity bills.

5. Faulted Fans

There are two Fans in a home-based use Air condition system. One is located in the indoor unit which is used to blow air over the unit’s evaporator coils to make the air cool and the other is located in the outdoor unit to blow air over condenser to through the absorbed heat outside the building. If these fans do not work properly then they become the cause of poor airflow & some other Air condition or AC services problems. It may due to the lack of lubrication, worn belts, faulty motor, dirt & debris. If this problem is neglected it can lead to the compressor failure which is not smaller then a disaster for an Air condition system.

Wrapping Up

After all, it’s clear that in Dubai villas, Ac service & maintenance is a much-needed thing for long life & well performance Air condition system. Dirt & faults are common in machines which brings the performance to the low rate & causes high consumption of energy. This produces expensive repair & high electricity bills, which are not acceptable. To prevent all of these poor conditions, Air condition service & maintenance is far better.

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