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Machines are developed by humans to help them to their daily tasks with comfort & perfection. Machines are an essential part of human daily life because of their benefits. They do tasks in minutes which could be done in hours without them. Every machine has its different type of task for which it is made. In the twenty-first century, a huge part of human life is dependent on machines which helps them to complete their daily routines. Similarly, human-invented Air condition systems to get cool air without humidity in the summer season.

Air-condition is important for all but it’s not less than a blessing for the people who live in the region of the world where summer has a high temperature that could be up to 50 centigrade. Human life becomes more effected under high temperatures as compared to low because of sweat, heat, humidity, etc. which is like a resistance to perform daily routine of humans. As compared to Europe, the UK, and America, etc. Air conditions have to perform heavy duties in Dubai, UAE and hot regions, etc. because of their warm climate situations. Europe, UK, etc. are cold climate areas they have low temperatures in most of the days in a year. Like all other electrical machines, Air condition also needs some service & maintenance to perform its duties constantly well without any hurdle and break.

In the UAE, Asia, etc. Air-condition systems perform harder work to get their goal because of the high temperature of these reasons, in a similar way, they need service & maintenance soon as compare to Air condition systems used in cold regions like Europe, UK, etc, which is results in the decrement in the overall performance of Air condition system Hot regions may also have sand storms which make the Air condition system dirty before the average time for required service.

An Air condition has two basic parts, one is the outdoor unit which is placed outside the property and the other is an indoor unit that is placed inside the property. Most commonly, the outdoor unit becomes sandy and a layer of dust is formed on condenser coil.

The indoor unit has evaporator coils that are used to absorb hot air & moisture from the internal environment of a room and replace it with some moisture-free cool air which gives comfort the relaxed feeling to individuals, who are under that property.

The indoor unit has evaporator coils that are used to absorb hot air & moisture from the internal environment of a room and replace it with some moisture-free cool air which gives comfort to the relaxed feeling to individuals.

The following are the techniques that a common person can use to get the satisfactory performance of Air condition system. To maintain the health of the Air condition system good, there are several effective techniques for this purpose. These smart techniques can be used to make the effects of service for a long time

1. Cover Windows during Day Time

Air-condition is used to remove the heat & moisture from the room. If the room is heated more, the Air condition has to work harder to cool down the temperature in the room & it will also consume more energy than normal. Similarly, the components of an Air condition have to do more work. That’s the way Air condition need service soon as compare to its normal service requirement time.

2. Open the windows before Switched on Air Condition

In summer, the normal temperature of rooms is high due to its close ventilations. If we open the windows before switched On the Air condition, the level of heat in the room could get down which directly helps Air condition to remove the heat & humidity with normal efforts & by consuming average energy. In this way, the service of an Air condition can be maintained for a long time.

3. Use Dehumidifier

An Air condition is not only to get cool air but it’s also responsible to give the humidity-free environment in a property. In the summer season, heat is not just a single problem that makes the environment uncomfortable, moisture in the air which produce humidity is also a problem. Air condition spends its efforts to control the humidity level at comfort. But if we use the Dehumidifier which controls the humidity level by itself up to 70 pints of water from the air, which helps the air condition system to not do so much effort to control humidity. Hence Air condition service could be maintained for a long time as normal.

4. Avoid using the hot appliance

In the region of the Villas Dubai, Sun is not the only source to produce heat. Home appliances like Toaster, Box iron, Coffee Maker, etc. are also sources of producing heat which is a common cause of high temperature in the room. These appliances are small in size but they can produce a large amount of heat which makes difficulties for Air condition. Skip using hot appliances makes an easy way for Air condition to do its work by normal energy consumption & low efforts.

Fixing of CFL & LED’s instead of Incandescent lights, produce much less heat which is a beneficial factor for Air condition that it has to remove less heat which gives long life to its service & maintenance.

5. Avoid using Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights are widely used in our homes, offices, industries, etc. They are a common source of heat and high electricity bills. They consume 50-80% more energy. They should be replaced by CFL & LED lights because they are environment friendly & low consumption lights which helps Air condition to remove heat and make a cool environment.

Wrapping it up

Air-condition is now an essential need in our life. But it has some problems & requirements which are sometimes become costly because of our mistakes by neglecting its service & maintenance. We discussed some effective techniques which give long life to Air condition service & make it remain working all the season without any hurdle. Air condition service & maintenance should be held on time to prevent any unfortunate situation.If you are looking for ac maintenance in Dubai then try must try Dreamcoolacs, it is best ac maintenance services provider in Dubai.

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