How Frequently Your AC Requires Maintenance?

This is a major question if you have an Air Conditioner at your home or office. The majority of the time, it works continuously without getting off. Hence, most of the AC manufacturers are designing the AC to meet the requirements of their clients, so that they remain working for years and years. But, we forget that nonstop working doesn’t mean that it does not require maintenance. To keep the performance at peak, it is necessary to get AC repair springs at a regular period of time.

While servicing of the AC, people think about the budget for the regular intervals. With Dream Cool Air Condition Systems llc, you will not going to face any kind of problem.

The quality of air is the main concern, especially in the metropolitan cities. The dust, dirt, and emission from the vehicle are very harmful to our health. Thus, maintaining the quality at its best becomes quite difficult. This results in increasing the frequency of the maintenance due to the workload of the systems. Therefore, it is necessary to call the professionals on time for keeping a check on the working of your AC.

In the weather of Dubai, most of the professionals recommend having a scheduled maintenance program once per year. Mostly, the experts prefer to schedule the maintenance in the springtime.

The reasons behind this are:

  • In the warmer conditions, the AC is ready to get repaired.
  • The spring season is the correct time to repair the work parts and correct the working of AC.
  • This season is the best to offer the prompt service.

AC repair springs is a service intended for offering proper conditioning and heating system maintenance. The process includes the cleaning and maintenance of:

  • Fan motor and blades
  • Lines kits
  • Indoor and outdoor coils
  • Compressor
  • Refrigerant and refrigerant lines

There are chances if the AC is not repaired at the frequent time, its parts can be broken down, affecting the working efficiency. Not only this, it also increases the electricity bill. There are certain things in which you have to keep a regular check.

Cleanliness of the AC

The dirty air conditioners are the root cause of all the faults. If you dust the air vents at a particular period of time, this can extend its lifeline.

Keep an eye on the filters

Make sure that the filters should always remain cleaned by rinsing them with the warm water. As these are the main component of the AC, it is necessary to protect them from dust, dirt and unwanted particles present in the environment.

Check out the condenser obstructions

Mainly, the condensing unit is present outside. Thus, it draws all kinds of foreign particles in the air from outside. The regular checking of this unit hence becomes very important.

Ensure the airflow

A proper airflow is very necessary to keep the room cool. If there is any kind of fluctuation in that, it clearly indicates something is wrong.


If you are thinking of any kind of substitute of regular servicing, then forget it.

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