Go Through The Checklist For Maintaining Your AC

We can easily find numbers of electronic equipment in our home and offices. One such is an air conditioner. This is the only one that is used continuously in the summer season to relieve us from the skin burning heat. The moment spends in front of it is like heaven. The use continues until there is any kind of problem. Any kind of trouble in AC not only make you feel uneasy but also enhance the amount of electricity bill. Hence, the experts suggest ac maintenance springs that work to increase the efficiency and working life of AC.

Without putting much emphasis on the suggestion, some of the people avoid taking care and at the end face the consequences. Here, we discuss the checklist, which comprises of normal things that you can do it by yourself on each month. Let’s have a look.

Cleaning of indoor evaporator units and outdoor condenser coils

Both of them are very important for the working. The refrigerant lines are used for the making of coils and further get surrounded by the radiator-like fins. They are used for lining the cabinet of outside part of AC. Hence, it is very important to remove the dust, dirt and other kinds of foreign particles that can choke the part and decrease the working efficiency.

Track the level of refrigerant in AC

Freon is the most common refrigerant which is used in the system. Playing the crucial role, it is required for the smooth working of the compressor. The appropriate amount is enough for maintaining the longevity of the AC.

Look over the condensate drain and drain pan

If there is drainage, it can obstruct the functioning. The regular cleaning ensures that there is no entrapment of excess moisture.

Inspect the fan motor, blower and blades

This is the important thing to check. The outside fan is used for pulling the air to the coil fins. Whereas, the indoor blower works with the combination of motor, fan wheel and housing present on the furnace. For efficient working, the inspection should be done in a regular basis.

Lubrication of moving parts

As the AC is in continuous use, this is important to lubricate the fan motors, compressors and different parts.

Examine the electrical controls, connections, and wiring

The connection and electrical controls should be inspected to get assured about the wear and tear.

Replacing the air filters

In case the filters are torn, then immediately replace them without wasting the time.

AC maintenance springs is air conditioner maintenance and repair services in Dubai. We suggest you to appoint a maintenance service for your AC on annual basis, especially in early spring. It is better to maintain the working of your AC before it becomes too late. Our package plans cover the maintenance and repair cost depending on your requirements. Trust us, you will never regret after taking our service. We are a reliable ac maintenance company in Dubai who is giving our services for many years.


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