Why Staying on Top of Air Conditioner Maintenance Is a Life Skill Everyone Should Master


System has to be checked and maintained at least once a year by experts. Spending an hour or two outside under the hot sun is still tolerable. Beyond this period, there’s no doubt about it: you will be hankering to get indoors to enjoy the cool, refreshing breeze coming from your air conditioner.

Now that many share the view that an air conditioning unit is more of a necessity than a luxury, a lot of people do not have qualms about investing in the best system they can afford. If you have the same opinion, then you would know that the best brand and quality of air conditioners often come at a steep price. However, many people wouldn’t really mind the cost if the unit can provide you years and years of reliable and great service.

Having A Dependable Cooling Unit All Year Round

When you invest in a top-notch, expensive air conditioning unit, it is only natural that you want to get the most out of your investment. You will expect your system to last and be fully functional constantly for a long time.

Buying a trustworthy, highly recommended brand of air conditioner is the first step to having a good and reliable cooling system in your home. But a lot also depends on regular and proper AC unit maintenance.

You can rely on AC maintenance companies to keep your air conditioning unit well-maintained. But as the homeowner, you have to take the lead in making sure your system is always well-maintained so that you can enjoy these benefits:

1. Longevity of your unit.

Having a long lasting air conditioner depends greatly on regular and constant tune-ups. When the unit is frequently cleaned and lubricated, it will function more efficiently and effectively reduce overall wear and strain on the system. This, in turn, will help prolong the life of your cooling system.
A poorly maintained air conditioner can fail and require replacement within just a few years’ time. A well-maintained one, on the other hand, can reach or even go beyond its expected lifetime of 10-15 years. With proper and frequent maintenance, you can avoid or at the very least, minimize the costs related to replacing your cooling unit.

2. You avoid breakdowns.

After spending a particularly hot day outdoors, you will certainly look forward to getting home and turning on your AC. If it fails to work or release cool air, your temper will really run high because of the extreme discomfort you’re feeling. If you don’t want to see yourself in this situation, you have to make sure your air conditioner is always well-maintained.

During a typical maintenance process, your unit will be checked for any developing problems and normal wear and tear issues, such as dust build-up and loss of lubrication, will be addressed. Since these problems are identified and addressed during the early stages, you get an assurance that minor glitches won’t balloon into more complex problems that can disrupt the unit’s functionality in the future.

3. You save money.

Your system’s efficiency will go down over time as wear and tear affect its ability to convert energy into cooling. And the longer your air conditioner goes without any sort of maintenance, the more efficiency will be lost and your cooling bills will gradually become higher. Regular and proper maintenance addresses the issues that rob your air conditioner of efficiency and ensures that your system continuously saves energy which translates to low utility bills. In addition, this allows you to maintain the cooling performance you paid for when you installed your AC unit so that you can get the greatest ROI.

DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips And Techniques

Whether you have an HVAC systems background or not in, you can carry out some key air conditioner maintenance tasks to ensure its longevity, functionality, and efficiency. These include:

Checking and replacing the air filter when needed. At least every month, check the filter and clean or replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions if and when necessary. This helps greatly in sustaining the efficiency of your cooling unit.

Clean the condensing unit regularly. The condensing unit is the large metal box outside your home. This part, which houses the fan, compressor, and condenser, easily collects leaves, dirt, and grass clippings. You can get rid of the debris by hosing down the whole unit down occasionally.

Make sure the condensate drain isn’t obstructed. If the unit’s drain is clogged, water dripping down from the evaporator coil could back up in the drain pan and cause damage to the system. You can avoid this problem by occasionally passing a stiff wire or straightened coat hanger through the condensate drain.

Inspect and clean the evaporator coil. Lastly, clean the coil at least once a year to keep it in good condition. You can use store-bought foaming agents to remove accumulated dust and dirt from the indoor evaporator coil. If you don’t feel confident about doing this task yourself, you can invest in some professional ac cleaning services.

Certain maintenance tasks though have to be done by professionals. The qualified AC servicing team of Dream Cool Air Condition System are trained and qualified to inspect and maintain the coolant, thermostat, electrical, and other sensitive components of your unit. To a have reliable, fully-operational air conditioning unit that can give you years of service, your