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Central AC Repair in Dubai and Central AC Services in Dubai

By keeping your central air conditioner unit working well, you can save on your monthly electricity bills. If a central AC unit needs repair or maintenance, it possibly won’t work when you want it most in the middle of summers. Moreover, if the AC is running but doesn’t cool appropriately, it will consume far more force than needed to keep a house or office premises cool.

Various kinds of problems can take place with a central air-conditioning system, including –

  • Poor cooling
  • Weird noises
  • Leaking fluids 
  • Total breakdown
  • Unpredictable changes in room temperature

You always have an option to call a technician, but here, we are sharing some tips for general maintenance and care.

total breakdon

Total Breakdown – If your air conditioner does not working at all, it is likely that any thermostat or any other part of your AC unit is not working. It can be like the unit is not receiving electrical signal or the thermostat is not set to ‘cool’. If you are facing such issues, check the main panel and reset the breaker if you find any issue there. A central AC unit should have a dedicated circuit panel. Also, you should check the power switches and wires. If everything is fine, check the thermostat, change the batteries and try the system again.

Still not working? Possibly, it needs repair. Turn the power back off and contact to an engineer for ultimate central ac repair in Dubai. The experts analyze the unit carefully and replace or fix the faulty parts with immediate effects.

Poor Cooling It is possible that central AC unit is working but the temperature of the room or office is not cool. Poor cooling can be caused by many issues. First of all, check the filter and clean it to get proper air flow. Look for the ice, clean it or let it melted and turn the power back on.

Sometimes, AC unit create a lot of water because they take away moisture from air. The excess amount of water can be a reason of poor cooling.  It can lead blockage of pipes. You should check the outdoor compressor. If you believe the compressor is working, you can reset the AC. If you are getting the cooling you need, the unit may have a faulty compressor or the fan is not working. It is also possible that coolant needs to be recharged by a professional technician.

Unpredictable changes in room temperature – Most probably air handler’s motor or condenser is not working well when you are facing unpredictable changes in the room temperature. These spare parts can influence the function, speed and operation of your central AC unit. It is a complex job to fix the cooling issues and repair motor or blower. Don’t try to do it as it can be dangerous. The technician can change or repair the AC unit as per the specifications of the manufacturer.

Leaking fluids – Central AC unit releases some water especially when humidity is there in the air but if it is noticeably releasing a lot of water, there is something wrong. This fluid exits through drain tubes directly outside. If water is dripping at the base of the air handler, it may be leaking from the pipes or tubes that carry it; something may be jamming the water’s flow. It is also possible that condensate pump is not working. If the pump stops functioning, it will overflow. It is a rust issue that can decrease the effectiveness or performance of the AC unit. If you are facing such issue, it is the time to call air-conditioner specialists. They can diagnose the exact issue and fix that right away.

Weird noises – A perky sound can show that one of the spare parts inside the unit is going to crunch into the dirt.  If you have an old belt-driven unit, the squealing indicates that belt is slipped from the motor. It should be properly aligned or sometimes, it needs to be replaced. Don’t neglect the unexpected sounds, call an AC repair technician.

If you are facing any of these issues with your central AC system, it is the time to call a qualified air-conditioning repair person.

Central AC Repair in Dubai 

Taking special care of your central AC unit is the best way to avoid the need of repair. But, there are factors like aging, regular use and faulty spare parts, etc. that can lead to AC breakdown. In the middle of summer, life can be quite uncomfortable without an AC unit in Dubai. If a central AC unit is not working in the manner it should be, call a highly trained, customer-centric technician. An AC expert completes a roster of necessary diagnostic checks of your AC system to determine the exact issue. Once they identify the issue, they will let you know the issue and fix it quickly.

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