Some simple steps and tips to keep your AC unit running proficiently!

AC Maintenance in Dubai

An air conditioner unit requires frequent ac maintenance in Dubai and special attention to work at its peak. However, with some easy steps you can give a new life to an old, badly performing unit. Keep your AC in properly maintained condition to trim down energy bills and enhance its lifetime by saving money on replacement and repair. To avail highest efficiency from this appliance, home owners can follow some simple steps. Use these tips before the season begins to enjoy flawless performance throughout the summer.

Here are a few steps you must follow each year to stay cool –

Switch off the power –

No need to mention that it is dangerous to work around electricity and electronic appliance. Consequently, you should turn off the power. Look for a shut-off box on the outer condenser and disconnect it. Also, turn off the power from breaker box to be safe while AC maintenance.

Switch off the power air condition

Take out fragments –

Use appropriate tools like screwdriver and wrench, etc. and remove the fan confine from the outer condenser. Take away the fastener and lift the grill away from the upper side carefully. Now clean the grills and debris from the internal section using a vacuum clear. Depending on the specific condition of the air conditioner unit, use wet or dry vacuum cleaner.

Take out fragments

Clean the fins –

In order to keep the air flow proper throughout the house, it is important to clean both condenser fins and evaporator fins. To remove the dirt, dust and debris between the fins, use a powerful watercourse from a garden hose from inside out. High pressure water can damage the air conditioner fins so it is strongly recommended not to use a pressure washer. If the fins are extremely dirty and garden hose does not work, use a fin clean spray. It can be available at nearest retail store or you can ask a technician about the same.

air cleaning

Adjust the shape of fins –

If the fins are bent, the efficiency of your air conditioner unit can be reduced. Use an appropriate fin-straightening instrument to straighten the twisted and curved fins. You can also use a butter knife. Fins are fragile so be gentle with them.

cleaning AC

Keep area around the unit untainted –

Once you are done with clean-up, change the fan cage. Collect all debris and clear the area around the air conditioner unit at least 2 feet from each side to ensure appropriate airflow. If AC unit is not in use in winter season, cover the top using a plastic sheet or plywood. Don’t cover it completely as moisture can be increased inside and can source deterioration. Also, completely covered AC offers perfect atmosphere to various pests. Take good care your AC even when it is not in use.

Check the level of AC –

With regular use, the pad that takes the weight off your air conditioner unit can commence to incline as the soil settles underneath it. An out-of-the level unit can lead to untimely compressor collapse. Check the level and use rot-resistant shim to take it back to level.

Check the Evaporator Coil –

Once you are done with outer cleaning, move inside. Check the evaporator coil on the indoor furnace division. To take it out, eliminate foil duct tape and remove some screws using a wrench or any other tool. Now you need a flexible brush and no-rinse coil cleaner to clean the dust and dirt coil without making any damage to it. The spray will foam up and after that drip into the exhaust pot. Clean the pot with some detergent, warm water and peroxide.  If you want to keep the drain clear, you can put a drain pain tablet inside. This way, growth of algae can be slow down or avoided. Change the evaporator coil door and re-seal it using a tape if required.

checking A/C

Clean plugged evaporator exhaust –

The hot and moist air of a house is blown all the way through the evaporator exhaust inside the air conditioner system. The cold coil soaks up heat from air and cools it before the air is spread back into the house. The moisture in the air compresses on the cool exterior of the evaporator coil as liquid water, dripping into a pan beneath. From the pan, the water pours keen on a drain tube which is normally routed into a basement floor drain, utility sink, or outdoors.

After regular use, mold and algae can be increased and possibly block the exhaust. Thus, if the drain is not pouring properly, it will need to be unplugged. Such a drain can cause harm by overflowing onto the floor. Also, it can lead the air conditioner to stop cooling if the unit is outfitted with a drain float.

To fix this issue, locate the drain line first where it departs the evaporator coil enclosed space. Basically, the drain is a small sized pipe. Normally, the line draws off outer close to condenser unit; however it can also drain into a utility sink or floor in the case of attic division, downward an exterior surface.

Once you found it, clear the drain using a vacuum cleaner. Make sure cleaning is done carefully so that filter is not damaged in any way. Grab the hose of vacuum from an edge, use duct tape or hold a rib to fill the gap. Use the vacuum for 2-3 minutes to throw away all the dirt, dust and organic matter.

AC clean with water

Switch the power on and test

Once you are done with above steps, reconnect the power and test. Adjust the cooling level at low temperature initially. The air should be clean, cool and the smell must be fresh. If it is not working properly, it is the time to call an expert for professional repair or replacement.

May be, it’s time to buy a new one –

Regular Ac maintenance Dubai is highly recommended to extend the life and performance of an air conditioner unit. However, sometimes it does not work. Some issues can’t be fixed and if this is the case with your AC unit, it may be time to buy a new one.