Why choose Split Air-Conditioning Systems?

Dubai is one of the hottest countries around the globe. That said, every home in it has a need for an air-conditioning (AC) system. While some prefer the usual window type AC, other people in Dubai install the best split air-conditioner system they can get their hands on. There are several advantages in installing a split AC Dubai homeowners would definitely enjoy.

Split air-conditioners in Dubai are significantly quieter compared to window types

Apart from the comfort of preparing a cold room after a long scorching day in the sun, split AC systems are also much quieter than window types. It means longer sleeping hours not just for you but also for your baby since no noise would wake you up as you take a quick nap.

Split air-conditioners in Dubai has better aesthetics

Unless you want a huge obvious hole punched through your wall, you would absolutely enjoy the charm brought by split AC systems. A split type AC system has a separate Outdoor Unit (ODU) placed outside your home, making the hole required for the pipes far smaller, as compared to a window type which has a built-in ODU in its body. That said, split AC systems do not change the beauty of your house’s interior design as much as other AC types do.

Split air-conditioners in Dubai have better cooling power compared to a window type

As mentioned above, a split AC system’s ODU is normally set outside the house, which means it can accumulate fresher, cleaner, and more outdoor air to be converted to a cool indoor breeze. Such type of AC unit is also perfect for large rooms as it can process more cool air compared to a window type.

For further assistance in purchasing and installing a split AC system, contact us right now and we will schedule a team of air-conditioning system experts to help you.


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