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O GENERAL air conditioners you can rely on:

O GENERAL air conditioners offer the best power efficiency in the United Arab Emirates and are known as some of the best-selling air conditioners around the world. With Dream Cool Air Condition Systems L.L.C supplying and fixing O GENERAL AC units for last 12 years, you can find and buy all official models here. We are proud to work with the ELAPCO group, the firm that introduced O GENERAL air conditioners in this region. Our units can be used to cool villas, buildings, flats, offices, schools, mosques, government institutes and private corporations. To know more about this popular model of air conditioners or to get the O GENERAL AC price in the UAE, call us now.

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Why buy O GENERAL air conditioners from us:


Get quality service from qualified and experienced technicians

Dream Cool Air Condition Systems L.L.C. boasts of 12 years of experience in AC sales, installation, Ac Repair in Dubai and Ac maintenance in Dubai testing and commissioning of O GENERAL air conditioners.

Product knowledge and expertise

We know everything about our product because we have been dealing with O GENERAL air conditioners since we started in the air conditioning business. We also provide information to clients about the product after installing their unit. We don’t just sell the air conditioners, we also acquaint ourselves with every technicality, design, repair and maintenance of O GENERAL AC in Dubai, UAE.


You don’t have to worry about the warranty because we are responsible for all kinds of warranties of O GENERAL air conditioners. Even after the warranty expires, you can still contact us for repair, service, and maintenance. That means you’ll have access to complete, full-service solutions for all your air conditioning needs under one roof, from no less than the leading O GENERAL dealer in Dubai.Whether the units are ducted split, split or central, you can contact us. We also specialize in AC ducting and ducted split air conditioner services.

Duct fabrication and installation

We have our own duct fabrication workshop in order to provide high-quality duct fabrication. We provide A to Z services regarding split and ducted split air conditioners. Enjoy utmost efficiency and convenience as well as access to all kinds of warranty when you opt to have installation work from the same company where you purchased your air conditioner.
The power efficiency and durability of an air conditioner hugely depend on proper installation. Through installation best practices by our technicians, you can fully maximize the top quality and performance of your O GENERAL air conditioners. Get full satisfaction and benefit from exceptional AC services by calling us today.





O GENERAL ducted type AC R-410A


O GENERAL Ducted AC R-410A1.5 Ton (ARG18 HT-410/AOG18)-price 3990/- AED
2.1 Ton (ARG25 HT-410/AOG25)-price 4200/- AED
2.5 Ton (ARG30 HT-410/AOG30)-price 5100/- AED
3.0 Ton (ARG36-410/AOG36)-price 6450/- AED
3.8 Ton (ARG45-410/AOG45)-price 7400/- AED
5.0 Ton (ARG60-410/AOG60)-price 8400/- AED


O GENERAL Cassette type AC R-22


O GENERAL Cassette type AC R-22

1.5 Ton (AUG18/AOG18)-price 3700/- AED
2.0 Ton (AUG25/AOG25)-price 3950/- AED
2.5 Ton (AUG30/AOG30)-price 4700/- AED
3.0 Ton (AUG36/AOG36)-price 5800/- AED
3.8 Ton (AUG45/AOG45)-price 6700/- AED
4.5 Ton (AUG54/AOG54)-price 7500/- AED




O GENERAL Ceiling type AC R-22


1.5 Ton (ABG18/AOG18)-price 2900/- AED     O GENERAL Ceiling type AC R-22
2.0 Ton (ABG24/AOG24)-price 3200/- AED
2.5 Ton (ABG30/AOG30)-price 4700/- AED
3.0 Ton (ABG36/AOG36)-price 5900/- AED
3.8 Ton (ABG45/AOG45)-price 6700/- AED
4.5 Ton (ABG54/AOG54)-price 7400/- AED



O GENERAL Split type AC Refrigerant R-410A


O GENERAL Split type AC Refrigerant R-410A


1.5 Ton (ASGA18FMTB/AOGA18FMTB)-price 2700/- AED
2.0 Ton (ASGA24FUTA/AOGA24FUTA)-price 3000/- AED
2.5 Ton (ASGA30FETA/AOGA30FETA)-price 4300/- AED
3.0 TON (ASGA 36FETA/AOGA36FETA)-price 5300/ - AED