Knowing When It’s Time for Air Conditioner Repair (and Other Signs That You’re Officially a Grownup)


If you’re finally living independently, home maintenance is bound to present a world of new challenges for you. And one of the most inconvenient and costly challenges you may face is a malfunctioning cooling system.

When your home air conditioner is not cooling the room as well as you want it to, you need to know the potential reasons behind that so you can take appropriate action, preferably with the help of experts in AC maintenance.

The following are the most common causes of AC problems that may explain the condition of your unit and tell you that it’s time for air conditioner repair:

1. Dirty filter

The tell-tale sign of a dirty filter is inadequate or uneven cooling. If the filter is already thick with dust and other debris, the build-up can significantly diminish the cooling capacity of the unit.

If that is the case for your air conditioner, then good news for you: the issue is relatively easy to take care of especially if you still have your AC unit’s manual.

First, you’ll need to check the section where instructions for filter removal, cleaning and replacement are provided. Then, all you really have to do is clean the filter thoroughly and put it back properly.

Now, if you were able to clean and reinstall the filter correctly but your air conditioner is still not cooling your home the way it’s supposed to, the following reasons may be the culprit:

2. Refrigerant leak

A refrigerant leak usually happens if the unit was not properly installed. The signs that your AC may have a refrigerant leak include:
-Low airflow from register
-The presence of water puddles on the floor beneath the unit
-Ice formation on the copper lines from the AC to the indoor coil (which you can remedy temporarily by turning the control from cool to fan)
-Increased energy consumption (you’ll see this on your monthly energy bill)
-Your room takes a really long time to cool.

3. Electrical control failure

This can occur if power outage happens frequently. If you recently experienced bad weather or your area is prone to fluctuations in energy supply, then your AC may eventually suffer from electrical control failure. In this case, the unit fails to provide optimal cooling
because the electric problem has caused the compressor and fan controls to wear out.

3. Sensor issues

When the sensor behind the control panel gets displaced, the AC could behave erratically.

4. Blocked drain

High levels of humidity and improper unit installation and mounting can cause the drain to become clogged. Water can drip from the part of the air conditioner tha’s inside your home.

When you need professional cooling repair

Specialists in AC servicing emphasize that while identifying what’s wrong with an air conditioner is fairly manageable for most, it’s best to not attempt any further DIY troubleshooting beyond cleaning the filter.

Professional AC servicing is encouraged for the following advantages it can deliver:

  • Only professionals will have the tools and technical proficiency to perform air conditioner repair tasks efficiently, and ensure best results for the long term.
  • Safety should be a priority. Only experienced specialists must handle repairs most especially when the problem is electrical. Getting experts to work to the air conditioner right away will restore the proper functioning of the unit faster (so you won’t have to suffer through Dubai’s sweltering heat during the day much longer). It will likewise ensure that the problem has been contained and further damages are prevented.
  • It’s rare for AC issues to be just one single problem, particularly if the problem has been around for some time. Each unit is a network of various components, so if one aspect experiences an issue, it will most likely have an impact on the other sections of the unit as well.
  • Professional AC repair specialists will be able to identify your mistakes as a user or owner of the unit and explain the consequences of your actions, helping you to become a more responsible user in the future.
  • AC experts can detect issues early. As they can identify the potential problems you may encounter in the future with your cooling system, they may also be able to provide the most effective solutions to these possible issues.
  • Experienced cooling technicians are able to provide advice on necessary upgrades to your home for optimal air conditioner performance. These holistic recommendations may include fixing areas where air leaks typically occur, or rearranging your furniture for better air distribution.

Cool, comfortable, healthy living

Through quality air conditioning service, maintenance and installation, you can look forward to an inviting home, a safe living environment and time- and cost-savings from customized solutions. Many would call that an “officially grownup” achievement.

If you’re looking to improve the look, feel and function of your home – and the quality of life of your household – investing in the right cooling system should be a top consideration. Contract our AC experts now to know the best options for you.