Avoid costly mistakes with regular AC maintenance dubai and care

ac maintenance Dubai

If you pass the time until the last moment to have your air conditioner repaired or something goes dreadfully wrong, you are actually making a very dangerous and costly mistake. Just like any other appliance, the most convenient and commercial way to keep up the performance and enhance the life of air conditioner is frequent care. No need to mention repair and replacement is expensive and it ensures that your AC is losing its efficiency. With regular ac maintenance Dubai, the life of the AC unit can be extended and cost on repair can be saved.

Ac Maintenance Dubai

Hire an experienced technician or check your AC unit by your own to save money and hassle in long run. Small maintenance and frequent care brings lots of benefits for the house owners –

  • Prevent costly breakdowns

Some little steps can go a long way in preventing heat stroke in the middle of summer when your AC goes out. Maintenance is all about cleaning and replacing the parts that are not working well and reducing the cooling efficiency. For example by cleaning or replacing the filters, the air flow can be maximized and cooling efficiency can be improved. Moreover, the clean filters improve the quality of air inside the house. But, dirty and blocked filters can interrupt the airflow and can even influence the speed and efficiency of other parts like evaporator coil and condenser coil, etc. If the coils and filters are not cleaned on regular basis, it can lead a sudden breakdown and you will need to pay a food amount of money to the technician for repair. In between, it will be difficult to spend even a few hours without an AC in Dubai.

  • Cut down energy costs

It has been proved in many researches that keeping the air conditioner clean and in good condition lower the energy consumption up to 15%. Air conditioner is probably the most important appliance that can figure the amount of monthly energy bills. This amount can be even increased because of poor performing equipments. Check your AC unit on frequent basis and save on energy bills every year.

  • Pull out the life

It is surprising but true that most air conditioner systems last before their actual life because of poor maintenance and care. The overall perform and life of an air conditioner unit can be increased with AC maintenance. With proper professional and on-time maintenance, you can use your AC for longer duration of time.

  • Get most of it

If you are in Dubai, you can easily understand the cruelty of weather. In hot summer, a person needs a strong air conditioner that can provide excellent cooling throughout the year. However, regular usage, dirt and other reasons can decrease the cooling level. For example if the window seals of your AC are slack, cool air can be escaped from your room. If you notice that your AC is not working as it is supposed to be, it is the time of maintenance. Do it by your own or call a professional, choice is yours. But don’t compromise with something less than the best in regards of cooling.

  • Improve air quality

Providing safe and comfortable environment to the family is the first priority of every person. It has been proved that indoor air can be even more dangerous for a human being in compare to outer air if it is polluted. An air conditioner circulates the air that we breathe in every corner of the house and what if it contains lots of germs, dirt, dust and other pollutant component? In the lack of proper care, air duct and filter can be a good source of dirt, dust and germs. Excess moisture is a common issue that is caused because of blocked drains. Excess moisture can invite molds that can lead various health issues including skin and breathe allergies. In order to keep the indoor environment safe and healthy, it is important to keep the AC clean and properly maintained.

Your AC unit needs maintenance, if you ever notice any of these signs –

  • Improper flow of air
  • Fusty small
  • Significant decrease in performance
  • Polluted Exterior
  • Mud in drains
  • Greater than before energy bills
  • Regular freezing
  • Leaking water

Call an experienced professional if you are noticing any of these issues with your AC unit immediately.

If you have sufficient time and a little knowledge, you can carry out some jobs by your own. But, if you don’t have time and you don’t want to make any experiment with the AC unit, it is good to consult a certified technician for AC maintenance and ac repair in Dubai. There are some important steps that must be taken to keep up the air conditioner unit in good condition.

  • Test correct level of refrigerant
  • Ensure the exactness of the thermostat
  • Check refrigerant leaks with a special leak detector tool
  • Confine any refrigerant that must be vacate from the unit, in place of illicitly releasing it to the environment
  • Test out window seals duct leakage
  • Calculate airflow throughout the evaporator coil
  • Check electricity connection – make sure that the air conditioner unit cannot function concurrently
  • Inspect electric terminals and tighten the links – it is recommended to use wiring with  non-conductive coating for safety
  • Check belts for tautness
  • Inspect motors

Go with Air Conditioning Maintenance Contract

Typically, experts recommend two service visits every year. But, some maintenance work must be done even more often. It is highly recommend going with the air conditioner maintenance contract that allows more regular service visits especially when you want to get peace of mind and don’t want to experience the unkind hot weather in Dubai even for a few hours.

There are many companies in Dubai offering air conditioning maintenance contract that is also known as preventive maintenance. Once a client takes such contract, the experts ensure that even small issues are handled with care before they turn into big issues. Also, they ensure that your appliance is offering maximum efficiency. Dream Cool Air Condition Systems LLC is well known air conditioner Repair Company in Dubai. So what are you waiting for? Call now on 0566675366.